TripAdvisor Widgets Module Version 2 for Joomla!

Edward Magbago
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Add one or more of TripAdvisor widgets to your website to display your TripAdvisor rating and reviews, promote your local area, encourage more guest reviews or link to TripAdvisor.

Version 2 finally arrived!

Whats new in v2:

  • Module is renamed (easy and descriptive name) so installing it will not update the previous one since it has a different name
  • New widgets added (Social Media Buttons, Your Rating and Thumbs Up Badge)
  • Uses TA widget display version 2
  • Easy backend configuration
  • Cleaner code

Visit the demo page to see it in action.

Change Logs

Ver 2.1

  • Use secure link for getting TripAdvisor assets

Ver 2.2

  • Apply img style only for TAW module

TripAdvisor's logo and images are owned by TripAdvisor.

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TripAdvisor Widgets Module Version 2 for Joomla!

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